Verification document Tier 3 for company founder



I would like to pass KYC to Tier 3 to be able to send over 10000 EUR per 3 months.

I am a director and founder of a UK LTD company.

What document should I send to pass Tier 3?
I can’t send a pay slip from my work, nor a bank statement nor a letter stating how much is my salary as I don’t have a salary in my own company (it is intended). I can have income by dividends. Can I just send the Certificate of Incorporation of my company?



I could be wrong, but my best guess at the solution would be to ignore the fact that you are a Company Director because it is not your Company that is needing KYC. It’s you! On a personal basis. So your own personal bank account, your own utility bill for home gas/electric/cable tv etc.
Your end of year tax return etc. Lots of possibilities but none of them relevant to your own Company.


Hello @fb8c0f7f1f53729b116d

If you are the director and founder of the company, you may attach any of the above;

  1. your personal bank account statement
  2. pay slip (you may create one for yourself as you are the company owner)
  3. Document proving that you are the owner of the company.