Verge announces partnership to top up mobile

Similar to ETN? Their partnership allow top ups for 900 operators in 160 countries :roll_eyes: See second part of article.

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Very interesting. Well done to them. Although the standout part of the whole article was “Adult education site” :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Verge have been hanging around for a while, but they are on the rise and try to score a goal. On the way they have been shy, but they are no riding the waves of some success and hoping for a happy ending

Haven’t been positively in the news, but tbh, their new iOS app is serious good.

Congrats to the Verge team and community!!!

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Same problem: using a third party to pay for goods and services.
Basically, you pay with FIAT.
Why would someone go this route FIAT-CRYPTO-Pay Service-Fiat- Mobile Operator ?
This should be Crypto-Mobile Operator !


So the Electroneum method =D?