Venezuela Buys Thousands Of DASH-Ready Smartphones


Kriptomobile has so far sold 66,000 KRIP phones to 2,500 Venezuelan merchants in the Latin American market in the past two and a half months, 53,000 of them in Venezuela alone. Kriptomobile is in partnership with Dash and only unveiled its range of phones in August. The phones only entered the Venezuelan market in late September.

Each Kriptomobile device comes already pre-loaded with apps to transact in cryptocurrency, including a wallet and exchange feature. Most also had a Bitrefill app, which allows users to top-up their phone credit with Dash. Some also came with a small amount of DASH – approximately $0.01 worth – for users to gain some firsthand experience with virtual currencies.

ETN team please give us some news on adoption figures by merchants !!!


That’s a cool idea , but why buy a smartphone when you can just download our app for free and get free crypto . In fact sometime in the future our app maybe pre installed like this…

But yeah a good marketing strategy


A quick search and I found several well established competitors…


Did anyone catch the price for Dash phone?

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