Vendor intergration/Question

Hi everyone,

Thanks in advance. I didn’t sign up for the vendor beta but I am wondering will the system and api be out in Q4?

So that it can be used by anyone or do you need to be approved?

Last question is there an instant fiat switch that can be done so that a business can transfer into £ currency for example?

I want to build it into my merchandise website :slight_smile:

Okay great stuff I will let you know how I get on. Do you know if vendor shops can be built within electroneums Vendor system?
Or is it used directly through my own website?

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Hi Folks, to begin with a I am a huge supporter of ETN and always will be I am not part of the beta program but I already accept ETN on my website Reliable Steam Engine Co. as it is on my website I have posted that I accept ETN as payment and have them contact me, and I will accept etn into my wallet at the daily value of ETN … probably not nearly as nice a payment system but it works, untill I can add ETN’s software… Either way I will gladly exchange my goods for ETN Forever… Go Richard Ell’s…


Appreciate your work for promote ETN.


Thanks for your very warming comments Peter, it helps me through these late nights working


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Hi Chris… Thank you for your kind words, I would like to be included in the vendor listing so that i can accept the instant payment program which i am not yet in but want to be… Your a good man chris…


I will pick this up with @Nick in themorning Peter

The 1000 Vendors get an email? I signed up for the beta api but i see no email only for vendors.