Vault within Electroneum Mobile Wallet

A Vault is a separate storage within Electroneum Mobile App which is ideal for long term storage and larger balances with extra security features.

  • TIme delayed withdrawals from your vault, which can be canceled.

  • Joint accounts can be used for extra security, requiring multiple approvers to initiate a withdrawal.

  • Extra PIN upon initiating withdrawals

Is this implemented yet? Would be awesome to have a time-delayed withdrawal that can be cancelled.


sheesh. you read my mind, added security for the app. Have u tried the paper wallet? to be honest i don’t like it.


Not yet, but yes, for a very large volume of Electroneum on mobile app, a vault with time delay withdraws would be awesome! A small amount can always be transfered over to wallet tab for daily/weekly spending.

I have generated plenty of offline paper wallets, I would have to say it’s good security, there are a few ways you can go about with offline.

For example me, I download paper offline wallet, place files on to USB drive, and execute offline wallet generator on a PC that has never gone online for maximum security, and of course store away credentials safely. What’s one of the biggest reasons you don’t like paper wallet?

A vault would be ideal for me as I can’t have a paper wallet due to the fact I don’t have a printer or access to one. I also have no computer or laptop. Just my mobile phone.
All my coins are stored in the mobile wallet app. I’m quite confident they are safe there but a vault would definitely add piece of mind.

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@Zero7 Centrally that would make your tasks a little more difficult with just a telephone.

I agree on the Vault. It could be a lot of work to get a Vault implemented within our wallet, but for long term storage and heavy volume that is not touched for a long period of time should be more secure.

the vault might just be another login… so you would log in to the app with username and pw, then the 5 digit code, once you login maybe there is an option for the vault, then you select the vault and maybe there is a different login of some sort, maybe another 5 digit number or an email verification or something… i dunno, just throwing ideas out there. would be good if u could transfer coins from the vault to the app so u can keep a small amount for instant payment use!