Using TikTok to generate more users?

Primarily used by youth and young person. There is international version as well as chinese version of TikTok. They are most likely to endorse new tech . We can run a challenge on completing the registration process ? This will create a viral trend and therefore free marketing. Any thought?

Yes, this is an excellent idea @ETNCEO


I had to google what it even was, but I like the idea. Seems like it’s gaining popularity and has plenty of users.

Free 1000 (or more) ETN to the fastest registration completed and posted on it?


Could be a winner.


I watch TikTok everyday. It’s all over the world and a huge following. Great PR for ETN.

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Also as an add on . We can sponsors some of the TikTokers to start the viral trend like @gaycornerlads school boy from the UK

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