Using the ETN Instant Payment API

I do not have technical abilities, how?
I mean a way to make direct payments via contact form 7 as there is for paypal without having to install woocommerce. in which the QR code indicates a specific amount.
please tell me if you know a way!

Hi guys,

Might be a stupid question, but how do I get my vendor-id. If I go to the page specified here I see an API-KEY and API-SECRET, but I don’t see a VENDOR-ID.

Could you please help me with this?

As @Corentin said:

You’d find it under Your Outlets.

Hi All.

The Vendor Payment Widget has been updated with a change of API that is used to generate the QR codes.

The previous release was using Google Charts QR Codes which is deprecated and may be disabled at any notice. We therefore recommend users update their software to prevent any possible downtime.

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Are you still looking for this shopify version?

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The Vendor Payment Widget has been updated to use a local javascript library to load the QR images instead of an online third-party.

We recommend all users of this update their software.

Thanks :slight_smile: