Using the ETN Instant Payment API


Thanks for this. The Piso is the friendly name, this has been updated to Peso as the formal name.



Thanks @Wipa, this has been corrected and updated :slight_smile:



I’m currently testing an implementation I’m developing… Given that I do not own a business, but want to test it with my own API keys, what should enter when registering as a vendor ?


The Vendor Payment Widget has been updated to v0.1.2 with language support for DE, ES, FR, HI, ID, IT, JP, KO, NL, PT, PT-BR, RO, RU, TH, TR, UR & ZH.

Please update if you require this feature.




@Egg Is there still a limit of 50 euro transactions on the vendor API’s for eCommerce stores?


Hey guys,

we installed the Woocommerce plugin and alle the API keys required.
When we are doing a test purchase the mentioned QR code is not shown on our page.

What did we wrong? Can anybody help?



@Egg @benjaminoo can you help with this?


Hi Guys,

We use Magento 2 as our platform. I wanted to know if they’ve increased the limit of 50 Euro and if there’s an extension for Magneto 2 available. Our average transaction size is $2,000 or more online and in-store and it would be disruptive to limit to 50 Euro.

Thank you


I believe it has that limit during beta. It would be increased moving forward but is currently still restricted.


@BegaMutex So in other words only e-commerce sellers, selling items to the value of 50euro and less will be able to use this payment method on their sites?


It sounds like while it is in beta testing yes. I will try to find confirmation/information on topic


Thank you. Much appreciated


Hi All.

Due to the huge success and interest in our Vendor Instant Payment API; the max spend per transaction has been increased from €50 to €500.

This should allow many more retailers to come on-board, offering more products than before :slight_smile:


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Nice! Good news :+1:


Great to hear @Egg thank you for the update! Much appreciated :+1:


Proud to announce we are finally live & accepting ETN:


Brilliant! Thank you for the great news! :+1::+1:




Much love. We have sent the ETN team the email 3 weeks ago to post on their Facebook page, still waiting though