Using the ETN Instant Payment API


If anyone is interested in a C# DotNet core API, I can look into this.


So if I have this correct this is an API which will allow instant payments but no IPN yet meaning you couldn’t really use it for automation where a customer buys a product and it is delivered when confirmed automatically?

Also I notice there are no custom parameters like for example a customers username so the sale can be attributed to their account.
There is a way around that however it relies on the ETN user having the same registered email as the one used onsite. Can you not just add a custom variable like all the other APIs like Custom1 for example?


The two things you are talking about will need some code from your side, for example, you can trigger some code after the payment is confirmed by the API, same goes for the username thing, you can save the payment ID and link it to an user


Actually I have been able to do something similar with Zapier—if I am understanding you correctly. You can set confirmation (API hook) as trigger and tie that to an action, even with conditionals. E.g. I can use payment confirmation as the trigger and then the action is to enrol the person on the course they have just paid for… Bit of a work around but certainly possible…


The PHP library has been updated to v0.1.1 (release notes below).

Please update your integrations using the beta branch. If using composer, remember to use the dev-beta version; for example composer update electroneum/vendor-php dev-beta.

Please see the repo for full details:


This is the v0.1.1 point release of the Electroneum vendor PHP library. This release presents minor bug fixes.


Payload order of payment poll
Use cUrl in currencyToEtn(), if available, over file_get_contents()


README updated with remote API updates



Brill. Thank you for that!! :+1::+1:


Hi! We have built a fully reusable web component, check it out on NPM
Here an example of usage:


But “Czech Koruna” is right…


Yea, but “Czech Repucalic Koruna” was not. Now it is good, has been fixed.


It is working for shopify ?


The supported list of currencies has been updated to include:

  • ARS Argentine peso
  • BDT Bangladeshi taka
  • COP Colombian peso
  • EGP Egyptian pound
  • GHS Ghanaian cedi
  • NGN Nigeria Naira
  • RON Romanian leu
  • UAH Ukrainian hryvnia
  • VES Venezulan Bolívar Soberano
  • VND Vietnam đồng

Please note that we do not add currencies or languages by request.



Wow, yeepee, awesome, spectacular, the bomb, I can’t stop expressing how happy I am.


Thanks for adding these ones. But if you want mass adoption worldwide and maybe ambassador in my country. It’s necessary to add all existing languages… Our language use 10 000 000 people and we don’t know why you don’t use our help with translate or didn’t pay maybe 500 pounds for official translation…
From the beginning you have 20 languages. It’s a lot of but we like I say need have more… :slight_smile:


The API webhook payload has been updated to include an event type; this is to differentiate between a payment and a refund.

Refunds (full or partial) against payments are now available on the new Vendor Payments page of your account.



Awesome update!! Guys get in here!


Wow! That’s very very very… neat!! :+1::+1::pray:


Why can’t I enable beta access/api in my account? It says sorry high volume of traffic everytime?


It’s Philippine Peso not Piso :slight_smile:


“Krona” with and “a” in the the end. “e” is for Denmark and Norway. Us swedes say “Krona”



I checked and compare the and mobile app currencies.
It doesn’t reflect the same price.

Is this suppose to be?