Using the ETN Instant Payment API


Thanks, it looks like I should be able to make use of it then… it’s very small scale stuff really. I sell mainly on eBay but sometimes arrange an off eBay sale with people, in which case I either send a Paypal invoice or simply give them my Paypal address, so it’s all done for you, no need to write lines of code and stuff which I’m clueless about.
I have a small free website without an ecommerce plugin, it just links to my eBay pages and lists shipping rates and stuff like that… so would be nice to say to people “you can pay with ETN” (which obviously can’t be done direct with eBay) and stick a little widget on there that links through to the payment system.


What you can do as well is to simply use the app to create a QR code for you.

  1. Open the app and go to the Wallet tab
  2. Click on Receive, and then Request a Specific Amount
  3. Enter the amount you want to charge (you can calculate this with the calculator on the Value tab of the app)
  4. A QR code is generated with your ETN address and the amount built right in. You can screenshot this and send it to your buyer. Should be all you need.


Hi, I have thought about this and I think its relevant to talk about security and privacy as for the users of Electroneum Instant Pay.

Security: The users email address is supplied to the merchant by default. This does imposes risk to the users as their login username to their Electroneum account is compromised. I think this should be avoided at all cost to for the safety of Electroneum platform and for the user.

Privacy: Performing a purchase at a store/online does not and should not entitle the merchant to establish a relationship with the customer as it could be misused or, simple enough, you might not want wish to leave your contact info as you prefer to be anonymous to the merchant. Imo, this should be opt-in.

A solution would be to have three options available for giving your information out when performing a purchase.

  1. Always
  2. Ask
  3. Never

Another solution would be to have an alternative email registered, considered public, in the system that would be handed out to the merchant.

What’s your thoughts regarding this?


Thanks, I don’t expect to be selling much for ETN to be honest, but it’s a bit of publicity, a few people who haven’t heard of it yet can find out about it, and I can tell them they can get a bit for free on their phones. Whether they actually come back and spend it with me I’m not bothered.


I think I’m going to need a Dummies guide.


We are on it ! on weekend we’ll put together all relevant post s here…


Just making sure I have understood correctly… this method would not be using the instant payment app, but just a normal transfer?

For mail order that should be fine, it does not have to be instant (as long as no major delays).

I probably signed up to vendor app for nothing, oh well it will just be a dead account I suppose.


It will be a normal transfer, but still instant. Try sending someone some ETN and see how fast it shows up. But yeah, you won’t be using the vendor API and therefore won’t be needing an account.


Can someone release the example code for making a web button to accept it?

Seems like you need to be an experienced PHP programmer to do this. $50 to anyone who can integrate this into my website when the vendor thing goes live. /u/UnFollo or


What language is your website in ?

I’ll be experimenting with an ASPX / Visual Basic attempt, using my own designs over the course of this week. If I get it going I can help with providing some info.

Otherwise you’ll need someone who knows php :slightly_frowning_face:


My website is in PHP. Any example code for this would be great as opposed to just guidelines. A simple click of the button with dependencies in a separate file and checkout.


i am integrating the API webhook with Javascript, however i tried to use libraries for the SHA256, it just couldn’t match the SIGNATURE… anyone else had this issue?


I made an example on GitHub that may help you to understand how it works :

It will give this :


Thank you for this! I will look into it now!


And if you scroll to the bottom of the page here, it’s basically @Corentin’s demo from github above, with minor modifications! Works like a charm!!


I have a social network and a lot of my users are asking me for a crypto way to pay for pro memberships. I didn’t want to go with BTC but there are so many plug and play ways to accept BTC.


Accepting Electroneum might actually be even easier, are you using a special CMS for your social network or it’s all “hand written” ?


100% PHP. No wordpress or anything like that.

I need to be able to drop some files in my FTP and put some PHP somewhere that will make a payment button.

(And also put the image that ETN is accepted here) lol


It should not be that hard to do it then, feel free to send me a DM if you want, I may be able to help you


@Corentin is… highly recommended ; )