Using the ETN Instant Payment API


Yup! Just got mine too. I’ve put a post up on the instant API thread with 3 problems I’ve encountered.


Imagine going into your favorite grocery store and pay with ETN by scanning a QR code.
It is indeed mind boggling!
Who says this is just a bubble is looney bean material.


While I registered my access I’m sure I’ve seen an option allowing me to chose if I represent a company or individual and you can specify a company name etc… plus a company representative so I think you should be fine like this


Someone else will probably tell you whether that is allowed or not, but that’s exactly what we did… So far no problems at all and even the same Yoti verification got accepted for both accounts. So it definitely seems a workable route…


@Egg I have requested BETA access, but so far haven’t received it in my mail. I’ve worked in the POS industry for some time so I’m glad if I could help out in any way.


Thanks for your application @wipa! All applications are reviewed before being granted, all being well you will hear from us soon.



Please is there a woocommerce plugin for e-commerce vendors. I own an event ticketing site built with wordpress. I have already applied for the vendor BETA


I’m sure some people from the community are already working on making WooCommerce/Prestashop etc… plugins to accept ETN IPS as a payment method :wink:


Various people seem to be working towards putting a plugin together—and hopefully these will be available sometime soon. We’re working on incorporating the IP API into our own woocommerce set up and if all goes well will be putting out some info for others as to what is involved. So one way or another you should be able to make it work hopefully fairly soon!


Oh wow! Thanks guys!!


Magento Commerce & Open Source are also popular platforms to the eCommerce community. This is one of the other product that I would suggest adding IP API support too. If any developers here familiar with Magento, there is scope to thinker with this also.

More info on Magento’s :


hello, i ported code from php to delphi language for desktop app , i’m not vendor , but what’s possibilty to test my developement


Hi! is it possible to use the electroneum-wallet-cli or electroneum-wallet-rpc to make instant payments?


No, its not possible.



No need to apply at all any more - the BETA is now open to all. Just log in to your dashboard and click on VENDOR SETTINGS in the menu. Click ENABLE BETA ACCESS to get started! There’s no delay, you’ll have instant access!



:+1: Might it be a good idea to put out an official Tweet confirming this? I don’t think people perhaps realise… I certainly didn’t—but the latter doesn’t mean much of course: there’s a long list of things I don’t. :joy:


An official announcement is a good idea. I accidentally stumbled onto the vendor tab when I was completing KYC 3 and thats how I realized I could complete the vendor registration.


Check your email. just a second ago I got an extensive email regarding this very subject. ETN team really are doing a much better job of communicating with us these days. With the 1 million plus app installs and the API launch we could see some steady meaningful growth pretty soon here. Now all we need is that 2017 hype to return…


Maybe a silly question, but can this be used WITHOUT an ecommerce plugin, or any kind of shopping cart/POS software?

eg. someone has a website or sells in a market stall environment, they currently accept payments such as paypal simply by giving the customer the paypal address, or take cash or cheques…can they use the instant payment API in any way to take advantage of the speed and confirmed funds aspect?

Or should they simply stick to the old method of giving out their public ETN address if someone want to pay that way.

In other words, can you place a widget on your website that is NOT linked to a pre-existing ecommerce system but gives customer an easy way to click on ETN as a payment option, via the API direct to your ETN wallet.

I hope this is clear, I know what I’d like to do but not sure if I’ve described it clearly!


Sure. No e-commerce software needed. You can make use of the provided vendor payment widget. All you need to do is add a simple Javascript file to your web page and add one line of HTML code. This will then display a QR code which the customer can either scan or click to pay.

This method won’t confirm payment to the customer, however. If you want something that will give feedback, @Corentin has written a great piece of code to do that. Little more complex to implement though.

If you’re using Wordpress for your website, I’m working on a plugin that will display a widget with a payment QR code (perfect for donations or similar “one-way” transactions) that you can place anywhere on your site, and which shows instant confirmation to the sender. Stay tuned…