User numbers update


And the numbers Keep on going up…!!!


Love to watch it rise!


That’s what she said!
Ah, too easy!


Please can I get to know how you are looking onto this, I wish to be following the growth as well… Let me here from you


@yaolad you can just go to the Electroneum website and scroll down you can look there everyday to see it rise up :wink:


@purkiss80 nice catch of the telegram users. Yesterday i want to catch 2 222 222 but missed. But in history we have per week raising more amazing numbers about 10 000 persons each Day… You can see it in my excel - shared here too - numbers from July now we have abou 20-25K per week:


Nice work @Mr.CryptoCZ


It’s amazing to watch how rapidly the numbers are climbing. This is without the Electroneum team even mass marketing yet, just imagine when they do! Once that begins just watch, those numbers will be a lot bigger. Even without the team marketing the growth has been absolutely phenomenal thanks to viral growth from our wonderful community.


As soon as the coin will be ready, (aka smoother blockchain transactions, instant payment system, new wallet, new and easier exchanges) we should start some guerrilla marketing


A great example would be (easy to remove) stickers with QR codes for students to place around campus. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here you have just use it :