Use of offline wallet

Can I deposit ETN to my same offline wallet in 2 or more successive transactions even I did not import yet my previous deposited ETN?

You can make as many deposits as you like to any wallet at any time. You do not have to wait for previous deposits to finish before making another.

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Using same offline wallet? Successive deposit of ETN to an offline wallet? Will it not affect when the tine cones that you will import the ETN from the offline wallet?

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If you keep sending deposits to an address they will get there as everything is recorded on the Electroneum blockchain. Doesn’t matter if it is mobile wallet, online web wallet, CLI, paper wallet or GUI wallet. You can use explorer (see link below) to see all the confirmations for the deposits made (using the transaction id, wallet address and private view key of the wallet to see them).


I was typing out the exact same thing Storm just posted, so I erased it and will just agree with the stated:)


When I import the ETN deposited to my offline wallet, will I get all the ETN in one time importation?

Yes. Assuming you imported it all at once.

Can I deposit ETN again to my offline wallet even after I imported the previously deposited ETN?

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I am not sure I fully understand the question…but the answer is probably yes. You can deposit ETN to any wallet address at any time regardless of anything you do prior or after

YES - The wallet address exists so you can Add or Withdraw from it any time. :slight_smile: Just keep track of what you put in it.

Thank you everyone for the answers…

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Yes, but it’s always of good practice to change it .

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