Use of ETN in the unbanked


Bangladesh earns a lot of its money because of its skills Manpower exports to countries like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia etc etc. There are other developing countries who earns the same way. Skilled workers work on harsh conditions for low salaries and sends money back home to family. Currently they use the banking service which takes days and takes high fees but ETN can easily change this.
This use case suddenly popped into my mind and I believe its a huge problem solver for the people.
In easy words, workers purchases ETN and sends it via the app instantly in low fees and bam! Done.
Bangladesh is just an example , a lot of other countries also export manpower to Richer countries.

Do drop a piece of your mind in comments below.
@ETNCEO would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Well written @redwan good to know that too this my post received 1000 views and I share the same idea about cheap and fast transportation of money worldwide. Read it :wink: A 445 billion dollar market just waiting for the Electroneum solution


looks like someone already went through this before.


when the world realizes how cheap and fast it is to transfer payments via ETN, things will change for sure.