USA Trusted resourses

I’ve been buying ETN on Tradeogre exchange.

Youtubers: FUD TV, Crypto Lark, Mineable, Mr_Kristof, The Cryptovisor, and the ETN youtubers, of course…Digitspin is currently my favorite ETN channel. I use Reddit frequently also.


I registered for TradeOgre but I can’t find any way to pay/buy on the site. I also tried Liquid, won’t accept orders from USA. I tried Next Exchange and got stuck in an annoying loop of you must activate through email which i did then it asks me to do again… Tried KuCoin - wont allow orders from US. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

can’t order on Huobi Global in the US
can’t pay on CoinBene
Letsdocoinz. dot com gets host error 522 - connection timed out.- oh boy!!!
OEX in Chinese only.
Sistemkoin opens in Turkish, has no USA option.

am i missing something? :thinking:

Cryptonit landing pages says they are closed. :astonished:

It would be GREAT if your list of exchanges said which countries each will serve and you should be maintaining it on a daily basis as this is your business!

I use

You can buy with credit or debit card. I think they charge $5 for every $100 dollars. You can buy bitcoin and directly transfer to your KuKoin bitcoin wallet. Once you get the bitcoin in Kucoin, you can buy btc/etn at Kucoin. Then you can transfer the ETN to your ETN wallet at Electroneum. This is what I do. I am from US.

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