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Hello all, so I’ve been holding ETN on the wallet app for a few years now and haven’t been in the exchange arena in quite some time. Is there an exchange that supports deposits and withdraws that does or does not support KYC? i used to use Cryptopia, Liquid, and HitBTC, but all my attempts to move and use funds properly have been halted due to where I live. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Maybe Kucoin? 20 characters

Maybe Changelly? They are a good place to do swaps. Not sure about KYC though.

I just made a changelly account. Hopefully it goes alot smoother than all of the other ways ive been attempting. thank you for the reccomendation

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Nice one ! I have used them many times and its been ok.

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I tested with some small transactions from the electroneum wallet to changelly and directing it to my coinbase and its working flawlessly.

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