Uploading documents for KYC?


Hello guys… i need help…
When i scan qr code at etn official wallet, i not have option to upload documents to etn support… i want to verify all 3 steeps but like i say i not have option for that… is anyone have same problem!? Or if anyone can help writte me pls… tnx in advance.

Best regards.


Hello. Are you doing this on the my.electroneum.com website?
If so, following the steps provided there would take you where you want.
They’re pretty straightforward.


i dont have option at my wallet to upload documents to etn support.
Can anyone from support come and answer (help) me to resolve this?



p.s. i was scan qr code with yoti app, and option is not displayed…


It should work. Only the 1st level can be done through Yoti, the 2nd and 3rd level are done using the ETN profile page exclusively.