Uploading documents directly to ETN


I have a problem with KYC verification. The problem is, I don’t see any upload option in my.electroneum.com, because I cannot go through the YOTI verification, I don’t have passport and not going to make one just for this verification.

So my question is: Is there an option to upload ID or driving licence directly to ETN?

I can go to settings > profile > scan QR, then YOTI says that it needs address, which is not even on passport here in The Czech Republic, but i should be able to add it after scan passport, but a can’t add it without scanning passport, so I’m stuck at this point.

Thank you


You first have to pass the Yoti verification and then you can do the next steps.
If you don’t have a passport, any other ID is ok, driver’s license or national ID card.


I have finished the level 1. No ID or driving licence is not fine, because it is not supported by YOTI for my country :slight_smile:


It is best to open a ticket, as the accepted documents are different, depending on the country.


open a ticket … where? … ETN support? YOTI support … already done multiple times, without any success :slight_smile:


Wherever you can’t proceed with the next steps, be it YOTI or ETN. And that is the only way you can find out what is wrong with your documents.


Ok, and when ETN support close my tickets with respons like.

Ask this on forum

. and YOTI says, there is no other option then passport. Then what should be my next step?


I’ve tried it several times too. And they always respond the same thing. The same person always does this is already so repetitive, that even seems to be a bot responding.


@Rachel could you help Treeleaf here with his verification please?