Upload videos and earn up to $150 in ETN Rewards

Hi Sam.

It clearly says in the post above that its a max of $50/video depending on multiple factors.

For each video uploaded, receive between $10 and $50 depending on the quality of the video uploaded and the number of elements included from the below list…

Obviously I haven’t seen your produced content so cannot comment on what you have submitted, but the terms were quite clear. If you feel they have perhaps there has been some kind of mistake, i suggest you raise a ticket with AnyTask support, perhaps they will be able to help you further.



Yeah I know the terms were clear that’s why I adhered to them strictly and submitted a high quality video that included every element they asked for. I have raised a ticket with support so will wait to hear back from them.

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Please is this offer still available?

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Welcome aboard @user2488.
The offer ended in February, so no it’s no longer available.


received my rewards, thank you so much.


I uploaded 2 videos but not received reward yet

When did you upload the videos please?
“You have until Midnight GMT on 29 February 2020 to submit your videos for inclusion in this special promotion. Rewards will be paid out to your ETN wallet in March 2020. Reward applies to the first 1,000 videos we receive.”

I upload those video in the first week of the February. That should be in first 1000 videos

Oh that should be in the first 1000.
Have you tried contacting support?
Could it be that any user that doesn’t upload a minimum of 3videos was not considered??

I still haven’t received the ETN I earned. It’s been over 2 weeks since I contacted support and I’ve heard nothing back despite followup emails. I think it’s pretty bad to invite new sellers onto their site with an offer and then not honour when they do exactly as required, or bother replying to their support requests. Very disappointing. Maybe they’re busy, but if they don’t have enough manpower to reply to support emails when the site users are still small in number, then it doesn’t bode well for growing the business.

What an absolute joke. I finally received an email from support…


Thanks for getting in touch with us. Unfortunately we do not offer free Etn for uploading videos anymore. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

I uploaded all of my videos at the beginning of February as soon as the offer went live. The offer ran for the whole month and i was well within that time frame. I explained all this in my emails.

Ridiculous and a big waste of my time. I’m done with this site.

There is clearly some confusion and I think you ought to cut them some slack considering what’s going on in the world. They’re all working from home and I’m sure they are very busy at the moment.
The reply they gave might have been an automated canned response. Surely another quick email is worth it for $150 of ETN?


Especially in a time like this when $150 is worth more ETN considering the fall in crypto values.

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