Upload videos and earn up to $150 in ETN Rewards

I assume so Vadar. I would be very surprised if videos submitted after will count. Congratulations on becoming a seller on AnyTask and welcome to the community :+1:


Welcome @DarkVader1001! :grin:

Congrats on being featured by team! :+1:

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is there any other action we have to do or just wait?


That is my understanding of it.

Don’t worry, I know the team is paying attention to it and this thread in particular. Case in point:


Plus, there were only 2-3 videos at the top in the initial post when this thread launched, but it is being updated with new ones.


Welcome glad to have you.


Welcome to the community enjoy.


makes sense, afterwards I saw the rewards comes in March as well :smiley:

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where do i upload the videos?

Welcome to the community hope this helps :wave::+1:

I love the concept of AnyTask and what you’re aiming to achieve.

But one thing though - why are sellers limited to charging a maximum of $100 for tasks? This really limits what I can offer.

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Good question, i’m not actually sure Sam. If i had to guess i would say its a cap during beta / early release…which would make sense. … but that’s a guess. I’ll check it out.

There is a feedback/query form at the bottom right corner of the site, if you put your questions and suggestions through that it will feed directly to the people working on AnyTask. :+1:

Welcome to AnyTask and Electroneum!

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Great thanks BegaMutex! :grinning:

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I will can do this? And can be done with 2D animation character like a animation promo video?


Welcome @Guga!

Absolutely, what ever task you are offering can be made into a video and submitted. :+1: The more variety we have the better.

Please post your 2D video here or on youtube as well, would love to see it! Really enjoying seeing what people have to offer so far.

cant seem to play any video here

I have been trying to upload videos for days now but I’ve been getting error. Support is yet to respond to my submission. Anyone suggestion/help will be much appreciated please.

have you checked:

  1. is your mp4 playing okay on your pc i.e. not corrupted?

  2. There are two different mp4 formats. Is your mp4 format accepted by anytask?

  1. Yes my mp4 is playing well both on my mobile and PC; it’s not corrupted.
  2. I can’t find a place where the mp4 format accepted by anytask is stated/specified, if you have access to that info please share with me.


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