Upload videos and earn up to $150 in ETN Rewards

Yes, a huge welcome to all the new members great to see more fantastic energy coming on board!


image I don’t see that screen, I also did not get a mail about it. But as I mentioned, I am one of the 27.000 BETA members. I received a confirmation mail back in November. Can someone support please? It is the Electroneum/AnyTask account that is connected to this forum account. I’m sure that I meet the requirements…


Open up anytask

Click on the feedback button bottom right of the screen. Tell them you cant sell and ask them to open it up for you. Tell them your a beta tester in the message part at the bottom.


Yeah, I did that as well already. But haven’t got a reaction since. Pretty annoying because there was a limited number of videos up for rewards. My video is done already + I meet the requirements, so I’m afraid it will be too late…


I made 3 . But because its photography i couldn’t film myself filming lol…

So its a no for me


Ya never know, there’s timestamped evidence of your attempt to submit. Did you contact support? :nerd_face:

Who knows, if you missed the deadline, they might still feature you on their social media. Good luck! :+1:


to be fair, we have experienced a couple of different video upload bugs. We have a fix going out within the next two hours that should fix both of these issues and allow you to upload videos.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Don’t worry, you have my personal assurance that you will be included in the reward! This was probably our fault - we are fixing bugs in the live system, but you only find the last round of bugs once you go into a live environment - hundreds of new device types, browser types (and ages!) and our live infrastructure is considerably more complex than our development architecture. We’re very happy with the level of things coming in, not too bad! Thanks!


Hello , I have made video and uploaded it in my work anytask dot com/bestendergames/making-presentation
I even sold one copy to someone , I think he is moderator I hope he likes template I made


AnyTask is amazing really believe this is the future of commerce! We can offer great services from anywhere in the world and do virtually anything! The best part is we are paid in ETN. Looking forward to submitting my video to get in on the first bounty!

Thanks to the ETN, and AnyTask team for putting together the entire eco-system!


You should try to get someone to record you snapping pics for 20 seconds then submit that video.


Welcome @Crypto_Naire! :smiley:

Absolutely, it’s really been something to watch it all come together. :+1:

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Great idea @Crypto_Naire and a very warm welcome to the electroneum community…

If you ever need help

Just ask.


Its a great initiative to promote the website, Can somebody please tell me where do I have to submit the video for this reward task?

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Nevermind, I got the answer.


Welcome @salifiedways! :grinning:

Please post a link to your video on this thread as well, we’d love to see it.


Sure, I am not good at making videos but will definitely try.


Neither am I, but a lot of the regular YouTubers say they learned by doing and over time their video quality progressed. Now you wouldn’t know unless you watched an old one of theirs.

Good luck! :grin:

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Ok, somebody please review my video and tell me how is it, I am bad at making videos and this is my first attempt. As I sell seo services I cannot actually show them in the video, check it out

PS. I know I am ugly lol.

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Eh, don’t be so hard on yourself. I honestly don’t know what you mean by that. In selling your tasks or any business for that matter, you’re also selling yourself. Confidence sells, you can do this!

The only thing I would change about the video is I would lower the sound level of the background music, it was hard for me to pay attention to what you’re saying with it. Don’t get rid of it as it’s good to have. Just needs to be a bit quieter so your message comes across more easily.

Something you could add is before and after numbers of traffic your SEO optimization has created. For example, “xyz .com had 1000 daily visits and were on the bottom of the search page, then we performed our SEO services and now they have 10,000 and appear at the top.” Don’t make it up, use real world numbers.

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