Upload videos and earn up to $150 in ETN Rewards

Yea, the music YT provides is quite loud, I typically have to turn it down at least 50% in my editing software. But it’s royalty free and there’s some great quality options.

Writing a PM shortly.

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Found this Task video created by @iamgadel :+1:

Could be a fun Valentine’s Day e-card.


i have some email today but not sure i invited for anytask seller i have done with that survey what should i do next

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What does the email say? It should say if you’ve been invited to be a seller and give a link to anytask


yeah the mail is sound like that, “Electroneum has selected you to join AnyTask!” then " Showcase your talents and earn up to US$150 of ETN"


The original post of this thread best explains.
This is copied from above.

Videos are uploaded to the ‘Images/Videos’ section when creating a new task. Videos can also be added to existing tasks. You may upload as many videos to any number of tasks, helping to maximize your chances of receiving the full reward. However, if you focus on quality and include all of the elements above, you could receive the full reward of $150 in ETN with just three videos.


If you login to your anytask you should now be able to create a task.


can i shoot the video in my language? (Turkish)


im in the same vote, i got the email today, registerd yet cant sell or create a task, ticket open but not sure when they will get back to me. Video done but cant upload, i hope i dont miss out.


Welcome @Rossoble is there anyway you can add subtitles?

I’m not positive on the answer to your question I will tag a few people that may be able to answer
@BegaMutex @Sabrina @ETNCEO

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Welcome to the community forum @Jarrod , have you created your profile in the become a seller section? Clicking on your profile picture will also bring up a option to go to profile dashboard.

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Done that, still not appearing. Seller account setup but still no access and website keeps saying register as a seller

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Have you tried logging out and logging back in to anytask? I had my account set up before receiving the email and when I logged out and signed back in the “create a task” option was under tab when clicking on profile picture.

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I have tried that, i have even tried with multiple browsers and still nothing

After registering to become a seller it took a couple days until it appeared for me. I’d give it a couple days maybe support will get back by then or maybe it will show up for you. Wishing you luck, keep us updated please

Will do, i just hope i dont miss getting ETN due to this. I already have the video ready as well

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Thank you!
After creating the first task with one video, when I will become my reward of 50$?

Welcome @user2011! :grin:

Totally up to the team. An official end date to the promotion period has not yet been announced.

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My invitation email says…

" You have until Midnight GMT on 29 February 2020 to submit your videos for inclusion in this special promotion. Rewards will be paid out to your ETN wallet in March 2020. Reward applies to the first 1,000 videos received."

How do I know if 1,000 videos have already been received?


thank you Jan! that sounds great!

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