Updated Roadmap


Hey guys just wondering if there was any chance the roadmap might be getting an update anytime soon, I know you guys are flat out busy but I wondered if this might also be in the works for September?


Hi matey,

Many thanks for the question.

Electroneum roadmap is a strategic plan that defines a goal or their desired outcome, and includes the major steps or milestones needed to reach it. It also serves as a communication tool, a high-level document that helps articulate the strategic thinking — the why — behind both goal and the plan for getting there.

As you can see the Electroneum team listed certain milestones they want to achieve in the particular quarter. Unless they have done what was scheduled the roadmap usually stays as it is and gets updated after most of the tasks have been done, while some might get pushed to a future date.

Lets leave the etn team deliver what they have promised to deliver into that particular quarter before we ask them what is scheduled next. If we listen carefully, they actually give us hints what we should expect in the future.


i was just following up on a video a month ago where richard said it was going to be updated.