UPDATE: Shopify App for ETN Instant Payments!


Hey guys, just a quick update on my progress with my Shopify App which integrates ETN instant payments to any store!

So, development is basically finished now. Everything is working smoothly. Community member @cnorin from etncommerce.com has been incredibly helpful in getting this app off the ground. He has even offered hosting of the beta testing on his own servers. So, I gave him a look at the finished product. Here is his video/review/tutorial on the app, so you can see what the finished product looks like:

Join the discussion about the app here:
You asked for Shopify, I give you Shopify! Now I need your help!

Now all we need is some help from the ETN team for privacy policy / terms and conditions. And I also want to discuss some things with them about the future of the Shopify app before I make it public. So to the community members who are eagerly waiting for this, sit tight, it will come as soon as it is ready.

To the ETN team: I hope you’re not too busy with all the hard work you’ve been putting into this cryptocurrency. I also hope you get some well deserved holidays, you’ve done a great job! I’m ready when you are!

And to @cnorin, I will say it again, thank you for all your help! You deserve a round of applause!:relaxed:

I hope to come back to you guys with some more good news soon.

Kind regards,


Really great development!


Awesome work @mehmeh this is really great ! Can’t wait for your next update :zap: Keep up the great work :+1:


Well done - looks great and very easy to integrate :slight_smile: