Update on South Africa and the M1 smartphone!

Thank you for this update. The Team deserves to be lauded. Keep working and we are helping the expansion within our small means.

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ETN already found a better way by creating and API for any existing system to accept ETN as payment.


It’s Mostly Targeted at Central Africa, Nigeria in Particular…!!.. There’s Nothing Happening here in S.A !!
We Don’t Need it here…There’s plenty…M-Pesa…E-Wallet…etc…NOW We gonna Have ETN Soon as a mass Payment method Except That ETN has Nearly Zero charge for Transactions…:smiley::smiley: AND you Earn it for Free…!! Not In the Least bit Worried…:sunglasses::sunglasses::wink::wink:


Maybe a great partnership opportunity to look for?


Hi @Jonathan when were the required documents submitted? Was it after @SpazaShop alerted the team to the need for the application?

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Odds of getting an answer to that question are like 1 in a gazillion :joy:

Phones stuck in customs in SA?

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I think you first mentioned it march 2nd not sure if the phones had hit customs by then. Doubt it.

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Yes first mentioned it on 2 March on the forum.

Average ICASA waiting period is 8-16months.
So if they only applied after my post we will see the first legal handset in the country by about Nov2018.

If they greased a few palms or hired locals to speed it up, it might be possible to get the approval within 3 Months. So possibly by June 2019.

So if the devices are legally available before June then they applied before I mentioned it :wink:

I really hope the ICASA approval was done months before I mentioned it.

10 days after I first commented about ICASA, on 12 March 2019 @Nick was quoted as saying

Sadly 4 weeks came and went. Possibly 4 weeks was the shipping time. So chances are the devices are already in the country as Nick said, just not yet approved by ICASA and thus stuck in the void and not with end users.

Looking forward to eventually seeing the first batch of devices in the Country.


Hello and thanks for your input. We do have a shipment of phones on the ground in SA already. We are able to use a number of these as test units which is underway while we await our ICASA certification. We are expecting this in the next few weeks and did apply for it some time ago.


Love hearing updates like this, cant wait for more news :smiley: @Jonathan


2nd was a Saturday so I’m guessing Tuesday 5th. Would be the earliest.

Thank you for your feedback. Please let me know when commercial units are available in South Africa. Thank you


Any chance I can get one of those test units to test and demo in my community?


You guys sure handle being thought of as incompetent idiots better than I would. Everyone’s always smarter than the ones actully doing the work.


Can’t wait until these get released. I’m really looking forward to those going out and everyone asking what’s that?
I hope you ordered enough units. lol


You are so blunt. Lol


Usually just a tad bit of hidden humor is included. But then, my brand of humor isn’t for everyone.


@Nick cheers for the update


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Thanks for the update. Also, good to see separate section for Africa.