Update on South Africa and the M1 smartphone!

Hi Guys!

It’s now been a week since the ETN team first touched down in Molweni. Situated to the east of South Africa, Molweni is a small town just outside of Durban that caters to a population of just over 4,500 people. Chosen as an ideal location to raise awareness from Electroneum and to learn from our initial experiences, the ETN team in South Africa have been working tirelessly over the last week, demonstrating the benefits of ETN to several vendors and informal traders.

For those of you active on social media, you will have seen daily coverage of the team’s activities, including our very own Nigel Pooley! We created an Official Facebook Group to house all of the amazing photos and videos that are sent over by the team. You’ll even see some of the great ETN merchandise we’re producing out there for vendors, including tees, hats, stickers, and posters. Be sure to head over there and support their efforts!

This week’s activities in Molweni marks the beginning of this great adventure. We’re starting small and applying all the incredible feedback we’re getting from people on the ground. We still have a great deal to work on, but these are the necessary strides companies like us have to take in order to perfect the offering and ensure viral growth takes place effectively.

Whilst we find our feet over the coming weeks, we will remain mostly in and around Durban. As we become more established across these areas, we will move across the rest of South Africa. Now, this doesn’t mean we’re not focussed on other regions of the world … there is more on this to come later in the year. South Africa is the first step in this great adventure!

I would like to also take this opportunity to address the M1 smartphone! Some of you may have noticed the M1 appeared fleetingly on Amazon UK. Without publicly announcing the listing, the M1 sold out in a matter of days! We’re pleased to say another batch is on it’s way! This time, the M1 will be sold across Amazon’s Pan-European network, which includes; the UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy. Once available they’re available we’ll make an official announcement. Other countries will follow in time as fulfillment options are agreed.

But what about South Africa, you ask? We have a large batch of M1 phones ready for South Africa. We are awaiting approval from ICASA to import the phones into South Africa, which we hope to receive in the coming weeks. As soon as the approval comes through, the M1 will be available across a select number of vendors to start with, then roll out to a greater number of vendors thereafter. As soon as the M1 is approved and available for purchase, we will notify you via social media.

I wish to offer a huge thank you to everyone supporting us from afar! The team and I are hugely grateful for your incredible comments and well-wishes.

All the best!



Thank you alot for this update, well done and keep crushing :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, the team on the ground seem to be doing great things that will pay off down the road for everyone.


How many M1s are in the “large batch”?


Some great updates, everything will be flying in unison soon. It takes time to do things, but it sounds like starting in Molweni which is small will allow this to grow phenomenally right through S.A.

Everything shall line up nicely and it seems like the M1 will be a great move that will allow ETN to grow from little street huts/shops in S.A to the West. GREAT TIMES!!!


We appreciate these updates. It keeps our morale up. :slight_smile:



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Thanks for the update! Good to hear how all of the pieces are coming together.


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Jonathan PLEASE!! use the ETN die hard people to help you spread the word, I do not want any compensation, just give me the means to help you do this? I am sure I spoke on behalf of all South Africans on this forum?


YES you do…:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:



Thanks for the update.

Keep up the fantastic work…



Thank you for the update it is much appreciated. :+1:

The team is proving they know what they are doing by their route to market. Great strategy, user feedback is very important towards adoption and viral growth during this building period.

Learn all you can on the ground from user feedback, a wealth of knowledge is available first hand that will be taken moving forward, take the time to enhance as needed, if something needs to be addressed , address it, it will be essential moving forward as things move faster as more users come. You’ll never get this time again at this stage to put in the time and effort, so if needed put in the time now to perfect system, cherish this time before things really pick up in velocity. Keep up the hard work it is not going unnoticed. :zap:

:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:


Thanks Jonathan for your Update.

Nice to know whats going on and especially that it simply takes time for getting basics together on this new area. Looking forward for your next Update.

Btw, if the M1 is available at Amazon, someone will order two of them immediately. First M1 User in Germany, thats a target :slight_smile:


Thanks Jonathan for your Update.


I love that picture.

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You may download it and use it to your hearts content :sunglasses:

Thank you for the update.

Let’s hope the ICASA approval takes “weeks” and not months.

Out of curiosity which town or village in South Africa currently has the most Electroneum users?


Doesn’t anybody think it’s interesting that a certain cryptocurrency project will be releasing devices that will accept Binance Coin as a payment method in SOUTH AFRICA? ETN team needs to work harder and faster in South Africa. While I’m liking the progress your making in SA, you need to ABSOLUTELY SMOKE the competition. You need to get them on their knees and make them crawl back to CZ’s office and say …sorry your funds are not safu!

not its not interesting

Excited for some stats :grin:

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