Update KYC Profile Validation page, mockup provided


Hi all. I have been looking through my profile and realised the KYC profile validation page is not making much sense right now and should, as a matter of urgency due to compulsory KYC starting today, be updated.
I enclose the original and a mock up of how I think the profile validation page would make more sense so that the page can be updated.
What I am not yet sure about is passing ETN between online wallet and offline wallets and whether or not Validation is needed at all to perform said task so I placed at at level one. An Account level not complete line might be more appropriate if validation is not reuired to perform this action. I’m open to criticism and ideas if anybody feels it could look even more user friendly. Thanks

Current page:
(Not telling users they need to complete level one to spend 150 EUR - it’s blank)

Proposed mock up:
(More user friendly)