Upcoming announcement and 1000 FREE ETN!


@a46d780ca9c84529fd78 I hope I was the first to guess it. :slight_smile:


Cloud mining is not a surprise. This was known.


Yes. It was a suprise finished so fast. But not one of the secret projects. I think maybe friday, it can be some more


Here are my guesses for announcements:

  1. Turk cell partnership - based on the Sistemkoin volume shooting up to #1 out of no where a few days and we have fiat pairings there

  2. Uk retail outlet accepting ETN as payment - Tesco because they have cell top up available, there are ties to the staff, the large volume of ETN/ETH on liquid out of no where a couple months ago and the fiat pairings.

  3. Mvno partnership in South Africa - based on the email that went out gauging interest in a trial for an undisclosed mvno and fiat pairings on Artis Turba

  4. Joytel - demo of what is being offered

And i think we’ll see the full ecosystem explained and demoed.