Upcoming announcement and 1000 FREE ETN!


In Richards most recent email he stated that they may need to bring one of the announcements ahead of schedule so that the guys are in the office, my guess is to probably deal with any technical issues. He gave us a clue, its a crypto first and not a partnership.

So Im giving away 1000ETN to anybody with the first correct guess!!


This must be the announcement of cold storage


Patent approval maybe just maybe Woo woo woo woo wooooo :train: fomo train passing through :train:


I’m going to guess it’s the on network, no blockchain involved, zero fees, instant transaction system.

Not the blockchain instant payment notification system, but the on network instant transaction system Richard talked about that was being coded at the time the the first AAT interviews took place.


Quiet not possible but then let keep crossed our fingers


A spoonful of speculation.
A knife to cut away the wrapping paper and my guess shall be the FORK to eat the bounty!!


A big store will start accepting etn!


Agreement with big mobile operator, or
(Samsung etc …)


I will guess subscription portion of pending patent with some type of integration :thinking: possibly top ups with partner with option to subscribe with reoccurring payments?


Purchase of airtime with MVNOs using ETN…


The Cold Wallet app would be nice.


my guess something about transaction…you wont have only instant notification, but also transaction…or probably cold storage…Thats my guess :slight_smile:


New blockchain update that Richard talked about.
MVNO partnership now being LIVE! (buy airtime with ETN)


A deal with VirginMedia !!


pc/mac emulated miner


May be it is about mass adoption getting started advertising etn to the world


I go for the patent, and integration of system that also run other Cryptos. So we will see Btc, Eth, maybe another crypto partners up. Stellar f.ex. or graft.


I agree with @Pahini


Oh, this system for other cryptos would be really BIG! you migh be right:) i am out of likes :slight_smile:


i’ll guess the gig-guru website released and running.