United Kingdom πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ thread to Chat


Great to be here, been keeping a low profile for a few months, ETN was taking up way to much of my time ha back now though :wave:t4:


@JC88 Glad your back my friend! :blush::+1:


Never heard of it lol …

I finished the umbrella academy … do you know it takes 18 months to film a season. So in theory its going to be around 2021 before season 2…
Ill be pushing up the daisies by then lol…


@Plankton Have they already started filming alongside this season!?


Monkey Dust was a bit of a cult following

You can find more on YouTube


Can you send a pic of your seqoya?


I have several pictures of my Sequoia over many years. I have no good picture handy for the last two years. they seem to double in size each year and every year with proper water and sun.

Chicken 1549415_825520297463902_1985805763_n

Nokia%20(342) Nokia%20(343) Tree%20Nursery_Sequoia


Russian Doll…I saw 3 episodes…was good.


Has a good meaning at the end if you follow it. Enjoy the rest @Pahini


According to the all mighty google no…


Should be a while then!


How did I miss this thread??


Hiya @M44FFW welcome!


When does everyone think the the bear market will end and the accumulation phase will start are we in it already? And when will the bull come out play!?


Accumulation phase started back in January 2018. Lol