United Kingdom πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ thread to Chat


Looks like this is the new chat room for a day uk fam. Lol


Lol :joy: keep on talking amumnst yourselves!


Come on people is that all from it UK :uk: there must be more!


The new M1 Phone!


Please check out this thread and maybe give to the less fortunate



Please can anyone that has a voice or thinks it’s a good idea give suggestions or forward themselves for positions and we can meet up and discuss!



My wish is to set it all up and fill roles and just work in the background unless nobody comes forward!?


Its a great idea .lots to work out…

Lots of work


Let’s get this chat started then and do some fun votes and things!!! :sunglasses::+1:

ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club

Where in the U.K. are you from?

  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Ireland
  • England
  • Ozzy pirate :pirate_flag:

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We can get people to do a map of how we are spread out!! :blush::+1:


cool I buy mine bare root stalk I have planted over 2700 trees on my property about 200 sequoia the one I planted 20 years ago is 45 feet now.


I absolutely love the sequioa . Went to see some yesterday.

Ill definitely have to come see the redwoods in the us . Magnificent trees

45ft in 20years wow thats even better than i imagined . I have a thing for trees . No idea why .


@Plankton I find it amazing that the amount above ground, is equalised below. They are amazing tree :evergreen_tree:


Imagine the root systems of all those trees
It would be unbelievable to see them mapped out.


@Plankton Yes these are the things I thing about out the blue! In the middle of cities we have trees and they move tarmac to grow where they need to be as a metaphor is this what ETN is you can see what it is but behind the sences the same is happening and changing our world :earth_africa:!? People say explore outer space and inner space but just imagine the earth and the eco system that lives just below is.


@Plankton did you ever watch monkey dust a grown up cartoon about 10 years ago? And on another note Netflix Russian Doll is another block watch to see. Did you finish the last one?


Essex representative right here :wave:t4:


Hello my friend! @JC88 thanks for finding the thread!! :blush::+1: