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Uk , the home of electroneum…


Good solution mate!!!


Please feel free to chat about everythink and everything!!


Anyone in Scotland…?


Okie dokie…

You did say anything :grin:

You know i want forest land …
Well my favourite tree is the giant sequioa

This particular tree …

155 year’s old !!!
I got some cones off the floor , left them on the windowsill in a bag , to aid seed release.

I have taken the seeds placed them in some moistened tissue paper , placed in a food bag . These go into the fridge for 1 month

Like most coniferous trees, the seeds of giant sequoia trees need to spend a bit of time in the cold to soften their shell and lift the seed dormancy. A period of 4 - 6 weeks is a good minimum

When the time is up, i will place the bag in a dark spot at room temperature. The temperature gradient will make the seeds sprout. After a few days ill check for sprouted seeds. If i see some i will take them out, then i will plant them straight away i will then Put the bag back in the shade and check regularly for new seedlings.

So my plan is a 4-5 year wait . When i have my land ( via etn :crossed_fingers: ) i will plant these in 10 meter sections and create a giant redwood forest .

These trees are endangered now so if i can help them a little bit and help promote areas for wildlife and somewhere beautiful for people to see and walk around . Then my job is complete. These trees can live up to 2000 years !! The oldest specimen is 3500 !!! So my legacy , my plan can be eternal because once these trees sprout cones me or my family or generations to come can harvest and continue on to make hopefully the uk’s own giant redwood forest…

Plus i will add red squirrels :chipmunk: and give them a safe home .

I have one scots pine out of 30 seeds growing , so from this one i will add to the forest too.

This one survivor is around a year and 2 months old .


Thats awesome! @Plankton


Wow what a plan! Careful! Your cat looks curious about the pine. Lol. I am a US intruder. Hahaha



He loves it , has a sniff everyday…

Other things involved in the plan but that part is mine lol


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Me mate, I’m in Scotland in Edinburgh!


With your hat and the sunny skies I thought you may be from the States possibly Texas.


Bonny scotland mabie forest Dumfries and Galloway …

Stunning . I would love to go live there someday


No invite button …



Yep look


Gorgeous and scenic visited Scotland a few times in the 90s.


So am I, I live on the outskirts but work in the city centre :grinning::+1::+1:


Crowborough, East Sussex.
A band of pirates stole me
Took me to Australia.


Dont you just hate when that happens? Lol


Heeeeeheeeheeee …nup