undermining the comput

It’s worth undermining the computer???

Do you mean “mining on a computer”? If so, no, it’s not worth mining ETN unless you have an ASIC. However, there may be other coins which you could mine, and then send to an exchange to purchase ETN with. I’m not sure which coins are best for this, however, so you’ll need to do a little research.

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https://whattomine.com/ is always a good start to find the current most profitable coins for GPU mining.


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ZEC is not a bad coin to mine with GPUs, download the Claymore miner from Github, get a ZEC wallet and crack on with it. From your ZEC wallet transfer to your preferred exchange and exchange for something that has a pairing with ETN. Then send the ETN back to your app, if you’re especially careful withdraw to your paper wallet. It’s a bit of messing about but rewarding. Good luck!