Unbanked and I.D

I was curious how many people actually have a photo i.d to use Yoti in the unbanked world?

There is a reason why these people do not have a bank account. Just wondering, I totally love the project and trust in the team. I just feel like using YOTI may be difficult for some.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this. Please and Thank You

I think the people ETN is targeting all have cellphones (to use the app) ; the picture to complete the Yoti process can be taken by that same phone via selfie.


I think the limit set by the 5th directive is perfect for our situation. I think the less developed developing countries (most of Africa) everyday users will struggle to have more than 50 euros at anyone time. The more developed developing countries (India etc ) most people would have a National ID card .


I am from Indonesia and most people here who do not have a bank account (unbanked) have a national ID🙂


a nice guy called @hardway from Algeria (North Africa?) says the yoti app is blocked in his country (or yoti is blocking his country), and he is unable to download and create a yoti profile.

I guess we should make a list of countries where the yoti-app is problematic


Thank you brother for your help I’m so happy to see people help eachother

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in theird world peoples have id even with no picture but they all have an id .
imagine just if one person in each house have an id its in-off for them to be able to receive payment.
and small payment transfert dont need the three steps of verification .
but just one name suname and vocal reconisation.

consider the online wallet/mobile app as your bank account/exchange. for you to use this above the minimum limits you will need to register and complete KYC. if you keep below the limits then KYC is minimal and you only need voiceprint/mobile/email address. this means for the million’s of people who are going to use the mobile app for everyday transactions are going to be able to complete the KYC with ease.

Yes but the app it’s not available in my country (algeria)

just use an emulator for android

or the cli wallet

What? No it will require gov ID. i.e passport or other valid document.

There are ways… I recommend google…

Yes this idea to use yoti, does not seem to be helping the people that this project is targeting. Damn. Complicated much…

From what was said it sounds like people with smaller ammounts may not have to provide so much identification so does not sound like it will effect people without ID but lets wait and see.

Hmm, it will depend on marketcap.

Unbanked have ID example postal ID or/ local police id and possible votor ID

No leaping to conclusions here… hence the “lets wait and see”

@Danny sry, i was referring to Mr 3babababa123456789 (editing reply)

Ah I see no problem. :slight_smile:

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No need to leap to conclusions. Team will be back on monday to address this.
While we wait, here’s a funny pic i found about yeti (not yoti)

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