Unanswered questions

I just posted these questions on another thread here but just found how to make a topic so I’ll post again as I really want them answered.

Surely I’m not the only one who has wondered about these questions.

Ok, just watched the latest “update” video and Richard mentions posting any questions here on the forum so here goes:

What is the status of etn’s patent in the hybrid instant payment/subscription method?, has it been approved, is it pending still or does it not matter anymore?

In the past etn has mentioned partnerships and has dropped names such as Xius, Joytel, One Development and Mobile Streams. Are these companies still on board with etn or not?

Will we see the actual numbers of the South African trial? And when I ask that I mean what numbers were set by The Unlimited and then what numbers etn achieved in what time they achieved it?. Perhaps layed out on a spreadsheet like excel or something?

Will we see this or is there a non disclosure agreement preventing this?

There’s recently been campaigning for expanding the market team, doesn’t etn have huge marketing guy by the name of Connor Doyle?. We have seen little to no marketing what so ever, is it going to happen or is the “viral growth” all the marketing that is going to take place?. I ask this specifically as Richard has mentioned being extremely frugal with funding so is there no budget to be spent on marketing as he will not spend the money to make it happen?.

Lastly, exchanges from what I gather the biggest exchange is Huobi and that interestingly coincided with getting AlgoZ on board so there would be liquidity for the coin and making it stable. Is etn looking to get onto bigger exchanges without having to go this route?. Are they waiting to monitize their business in order to be able to pay for bigger exchange listings?

Or is Richard not willing to spend the funds to make that happen?

Was getting on huobi a means to get a “market maker” (AlgoZ) and stabilising the coin at such a low price the whole point to getting on huobi in the first place?. Given that etn made out to the community that they finally delivered for the community in getting on a big exchange, I feel this statement is dubious given that AlgoZ was also involved and wasn’t necessarily for the communities benefit.

Was getting AlgoZ for the purpose of keeping etn from going to zero?as let’s face it, the market doesn’t care for etn. Not FUD just fact, one only has to look at the charts to see for themselves.

Is etn looking to get on the bigger exchanges at all?

I feel these are reasonable questions that have been avoided by pretty much everyone that supports etn and would like to see them answered.

I guess we shall see if Richards word on the latest etn carries any weight and these very questions get answered. I’ll be honest, I’m not interested in this forum or telegram or github, but I will return here to see if they are answered.

So now that I’ve engaged here, I shall await a response.

Oh, I don’t suppose someone could explain how I can change my username. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, thanks.

Forgive me for being blunt, but if you can, take some time to research tons of videos about Electroneum. Half your questions if not more have been answered many times.


On the contrary, I follow most of the youtubers who make etn content. All about tech, digitspin crypto, electroneum universe, 99 cents, crypto nwo (who has been silent of late), even Oscar tech who’s videos are hard to watch for me but still follow regardless.

I watch these as they surface and have not seen ANY of these questions answered. However feel free to leave some links for me to check out. And even take the time to mention exactly which questions are being answered if you are so sure.

Especially the question regarding Xius, Mobile streams etc. would love to know the answer on that particular question.

Believe me I have followed this project very closely, been here since ico, so please point me in the direction of answers if you are so certain.



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“Live with one partner”, so does that mean Xius, Mobile Streams, Joytel and One Development are no longer partnered with etn?.

Sorry if you take my questioning as hostile, not my intent but I can’t control how easily people are offended. However I am asking questions that no one else seems to. Everyone seem more interested in either price or the gig economy.

I’m asking about things in etn’s timeline to see where these things are at.

Interesting, Richard specifically mentioned asking questions to the forum, I guess I was expecting answers from someone from electroneum and not just the community who actually don’t know the answers I’m seeking given they’re not affiliated with the company other than being holders of the coin and only have information based on what is fed to them.

Oh well, it was worth a try. Apologies to anyone who is offended, but really if you wanna get offended by perceived negativity toward etn go read YouTube comments on any etn videos of late. They’re much worse than the questions I am asking.

Especially Kent McCroskey, he’s not shy in what he thinks of etn. Instead of taking his route I’m more interested in what etn has put forth in the past and where it’s at.

At least I’m asking respectfully and berating the project.

However if this is just a place of worship for etn, without any form of critical thinking then I guess I’m in the wrong place.


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“It’s all just stuff from the critical thinking for dummies handbook”, wow. Now who’s being hostile?, right down to name calling. So much for being able to discuss topics respectfully as pointed out in etn’s own guidelines on using this forum.

Clearly you don’t don’t know the answers or you would actually try to answer them and set me straight. But back to your etn alter of absolute unquestioning fanboy (note: until that last remark I have been respectful/non hostile).

Or would it be easier if I streamlined the questions in a language you could understand better?


What is the status of etn’s patent?

Are Xius, Mobile streams still partners as they announced prior by etn?

Did etn partner with AlgoZ to stop price from going down (not that it really helped), but then took the opportunity to make out that they were getting on a big exchange for the communities benefit?

Will they give us a detailed breakdown of the South Africa trial, by the way of actual numbers?

Will etn seek to get on bigger exchanges or is Richard too cheap for that?

By all means go break out your “dummy” book and see if you can actually answer these. If not kindly find someone who can.

Otherwise good day to you.


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Don’t suppose anyone from Electroneum LTD can answer any of these questions by any chance?. I’d rather not have back and forth with those who don’t bother to read my questions and just want to brandish some moral stick for the sake of arguement.

I’m seeking answers not blind defence to things that have been announced prior to see where they are at. Thanks.


That’s not how it works around here usually.

Your best chance is to probably use the tag feature.

I doubt Richard or C. Gorman would respond personally, but you can try.

Your best bet is to tag Rachel.

I think if you use


She will be notified of your comment.

Maybe you could request she make a topic by her for questions to be submitted to Richard by the community, or maybe it already exists.

Or post in her update topic.

Just running around making topics or random posts demanding answers isn’t the way things are done.

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Well, if my questions initially came off as demanding I do apologise. I watched the latest update and Richard specifically said direct your questions to the forum and that’s what I’ve done.

I’m asking harder questions I realise, but hey why not?. No one else is and I would like to know. If that’s not how things “work” here than as I said prior I’m in the wrong place.

Can’t blame me too much for getting on forum and asking.

But thank you all the same for your tag suggestion, I’ll look at that.


I’d rather not argue with you about your questions, I guess I have to realize we all have our own different unique perspectives.

It’s just I think you came on a little strong in your initial post, like it’s the wild west and you busted through the swinging doors of the saloon.

It would be best to have one topic where all questions could be submitted I think.

It’s not the fact that you have some questions you’d like answered that bothered me, more about the approach I guess.

Don’t worry about it, you are alright. I think it’s just a bad interpretation of intention on my part.

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That’s how the tag feature works, you should have got a notification that you were tagged in a reply.

You will probably have to ask a mod for assistnce in changing your name, since you joined long ago and didn’t change it.

Find a mod and tag them asking for assistnace with changing your username or send a pm , think they have genius as their user designation

Yo can try in the user settings, click your icon top right then the gear icon and if the fields under Username are editable you may be able to without mod assistance.

BegaMutex is a mod

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I don’t think you have done anything wrong but just be mindful as to what level of spectrum people in this forum are in in terms of “supporting” etn. Like yourself I am an ico holder and I have not sold a single etn at ath. I have followed every single posts (including replies) that etn has done and I have looked through all of the messages that official had posted on the various telegram groups. I can not say I know it all but can honestly say I know very much about etn as a topic. The truth is often somewhere in between and I can answer some of the questions above.

  1. Rich did say in a video last year when the patent was pending that nobody could copy it so I guess it does not matter.
  2. xius he mentioned that due to India being hostile to crypto the project there is on hold. Joytel he asked for the trial to be delayed. Mobile stream the news of partnership was released on the stock exchange official news so I guess if the partnership fall through they would have to announce that?

Regarding marketing. In the sneak peak video you could see that Doyle was the guy in the meeting with the rest of the social media team/ marketing girls. They are seem to be working on the viral growth/ on the ground stuff if you stop the video and look at the posters. Internet marketing was only done last Oct for a very brief period regarding the onbroading of e-merchants on a specific platform and this was done on Facebook.


Also just to expand on point 2 re xius. He mentioned they are working on two routes to clear the hurdles. One is the official route and the other they will have to go through a 3rd party.


OK, enough with the back & forth insults and digs please.

Thank you.



It’s done and over. I kinda thought the tone of his line of questioning a little offensive is all. We worked it out.

I think the OP was interested in changing their user name if you could possibly assist them with that.

Patent status has been discussed many times. They take a long time, you don’t get “progress updates” on them. Once its decided, the team will let people know. This can often take years. ETN used one of the best patent legal firms on the planet, so i’m sure its in good hands.

In terms of partnerships, again the team have mentioned that they are doing a proof of concept trial in South Africa to enable progression elsewhere and with other providers. Thus i don’t think its a huge leap to assume those wont be discussed or progressed until the trials have shown the concept works.

Richard mentioned the progress in SA. I agree it would be nice for the community to see some figures from SA. I suspect they will be putting together info and metrics for future documents used in discussions with other commercial partners. Hopefully some of that analysis will make its way into the community at that point, i will ask.

Regarding marketing, it would primarily focus the target demographics. As we are still in the trail phase… it makes perfect sense that no money has been wasted on marketing before things are live and ready. Remember, Electroneum want tens or hundreds of millions users…USERS. Not just people who have the app to get some free coins and hodl/dump. The team are building an eco system and thus marketing will be focused where that eco-system will be best utilised/built. I also assume it would want to incorporate the gig website. The fact they are now doing mass recruitment for that area of the company verifies the point.

Yup, the team are always looking for more exchanges. Especially when they meet a specific geo/demo-graphical need. I’m personally very happy they don’t waste HUGE amounts of money on more top exchanges when that money will be better spent on marketing and growth once the project is ready. We have great exchanges already, Liquid, hitBTC, houbi, kucoin etc etc… there are plenty of ways for people to trade.

When the team do their next q&a, perhaps add some of your questions there.



I guess we shall see if Richards word on the latest etn carries any weight and these very questions get answered. I’ll be honest, I’m not interested in this forum or telegram or github, but I will return here to see if they are answered.

The questions didn’t bother me so much as this part did, then the fan boy insults and just the barging in swinging a sword kind of attitude in general.

Questioning Richard’s word or integrity when he just got done answering questions via video posed by the community is a little bit over the top and disrespectful IMO and thats what set me off. Really? Richard hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt yet?

Plus I feel every question has been addressed at one time or another in some capacity.

But it’s not the questions I had issue with, it’s the attitude they were delivered in. Which the person has said it wasn’t their intention to be offensive and I believe them. Just maybe frustrated about price and what they perceive as slow progress is more likely and wants more clear answers on some issues they feel are issues.