My son is trying to access his ETN web account but was blocked by the third party website that suspected him logging in was robotic behaviour.
He worked around this and now when he logs in to the ETN website after entering his PIN he arrives at a page where MORE INFORMATION is required.
We have tried numerous times to upload the requested information however the website returns an error as not a supported file format - have tried PDF PNG JPG and a few others with not success.
Have logged a ticket with support who have no idea and referred us to the community - clearly there is an issue with the website but not sure how to get this in front of the people who need to address this issue?


That is an automated system and we will not override it.

this is the Electroneum website and he cannot gain access - this is so stupid!

You need to complete KYC. Here are the FAQs KYC and AML FAQs