Unable to log into help desk

I am unable to log into help desk anyone else having the issue?

Welcome to the community. I have not had to put a support ticket in, but I am sure there will be someone here who could help you .

Well this is the thing I would appreciate any help with knowing is someone else can log into the help desk because it seems I cannot. Can you?

Are u aware that u need to create a separate account for it?

Yes I am, I have used it before. Can someone please try to log in and tell me if it works for them. Thanks guys

@Marc, what did you find?

Electroneum recently changed to zendesk.
Therefore u need to create a new account for it. That’s about two weeks ago.

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Dude I appreciate your help. But am trying to ask you can you log in? dose it work for you? it dose not work for me.

I can login without any problems

@lkelemen Thank you! So this is with the https:// support.electroneum. com/ site? did you make a new account?

@lkelemen Did you just log in now?

yes I’ve just logged in at https://support.electroneum.com/hc/en-gb
I made the account about 2 weeks ago.

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@lkelemen Thanks I appreciate your help. I just tried on chrome and it is working, for some reason it was not working on safari.

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I’m from Samsung browser on Android on my phone

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