Unable to join OKEx telegram due to member cap


Due to too many group members, we are unable to join OKEx telegram.

Are there any other ways to make the vote?


The vote has been paused while they open a new group to continue. (note they are also reviewing the current votes to filter out anything untoward like bots etc)


Awesome, will a new group link be posted for us to join? :slight_smile:


Yeah I tried voting but it wouldn’t take it just gave me the option to forward, copy, reply etc… So I left it alone.


@cuddlesquid Yup, if they create a new group as they have indicated we will make sure to let everyone know.

Its being discussed here. But we will update.



Hello everyone, despite first message that Official OKEx group does not accept new members because it is full, I have just voted few minutes ago :slight_smile: It is important to click one button in between lines of chat, where they do anti boots check.


Thank you! Got my vote in!


I too, while the member count showed 100000, managed to join and vote…off to twitter now to do the mandatory confirmation