Unable to Find YOTI QR Code

  1. I have created a YOTI account on my smartphone and uploaded all the requested documents.
  2. However when I login to my ETN account under settings/ your profile I cannot find the QR Code for scanning my the YOTI app, despite your explanation under the Thread Level 2 & 3 KYC verification which clearly shows that a Yoti QR code should be shown after I click on “my profile”
    How can this problem be quickly resolved?


@Rachel can you assist :point_up: please…



Hi, you asked to have your Yoti status changed to basic, which we did, so now you will not have to use Yoti to complete KYC.


can you change my status back to yoti please, I uploaded already a copy of my passport under settings / your account but the status is “pending” for many days. i simply want to proceed to L2 and L3 asap because I want to get my ETN off your platform asap. reason is that it takes so many steps just to login to the platform and in cases where my ISP is swichimg addresses continually I sometimes cannot login at all…at a minimum it takes me 10 mins just to login I really, really want to get off your platform and onto an easier method of access.No offense but your platform is very user unfriendly


Can you change it back I want to get verified asap and get my ETN off your platform asap because many times I just cannot access it even to post on the forums.

Its wasting alot of time I do not have.


You’ve already uploaded a manual ID, so now you need to upload a document like a bill or bank statement.