Unable to create account on Electroneum forum with VPN turned on



For some reason I was unable to create account on this forum while I was connected to VPN. Main website was accessible just fine. Clicking on ‘Login’ was taking me to page with big picture ‘Access Denied’.

It was the same case when I try to register in the app.

Did your system detect my IP as belonging to pool of addresses used for malicious activities?



Use strong vpns or rdp and vip ips
If you want to hide your location


Hi Emmanuel

Are you suggesting using those VPN providers? I use my own VPN hosted on VPS. I know it does not guarantee anonimity. I am rather after confidentiality.


Got you now,but then I used none of those when creating mine


Can I ask moderators to unban my IP?


Is it the vpn ip or initial assign ip by SPs.


IP was assigned by VPS provider


Then they can de-blacklist it