Unable to complete KYC Level 2

I’m in the Electroneum wallet on my desktop and just hit the “complete account setup” button for account level 2 - Identity Confirmation but it doesn’t look like anything happened.

I filled out all of the information a second time and re-uploaded my utility bill and hit clicked the button again and it looks like nothing happened. Please advise.

It’s also worth noting that I just recently obtained Level 1 confirmation before I attempted this. To me it seems that once you provide all required information for level 2 and click submit that you should be redirected to another confirmation pending page or receive some type of prompt stating that the information you just sent has been received and is been reviewed. I have not received anything that tells me that. Please advise.

It isn’t automatic, they will first need to verify documents. It shouldn’t take too long.

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Appreciate the response.

I figured that would likely be the case. It would just be nice as a user to receive some type of pop-up or email letting you know “hey, we received your information and is currently being reviewed.”

Under Settings - Your Profile, does it not say:

Your documents:

  • example.jpg - Pending ?


When I click on my profile am I routed to this URL …electroneum.com/user/update-details

and that page just has all of the input fields for Job Title Employer and Tax Number along with the attachment input box but all of them are blank.

OH…wait a minute! I literally just saw where I could have goofed up. They only take PNG and JPG’s…I tried uploading a PDF. Let’s see if that changes things…It’s the little things…


Yep!..That was it.

Thank you so much for responding and helping me reach this conclusion.

For anyone else who can’t read (:slight_smile:) please be sure to you either upload in JPG or PNG not PDF!..


Ah yes, good thing to note! Glad you sorted it out.

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Tnx i was there stucked too, it is written there that you need to upload JPEG or PNG but i somehow didnt saw it and i thought that my documents were sent and i need just to wait.

Yoti done and QR scanned ok. Now it asked for a job title, employer and tax number which I don’t know what they are?
Any help please?¡¡¡