Unable to add address on Yoti


Hello… I am a fan of electroneum in Iran, unfortunately, the Yoti app not support the Iranian users, we ask you to use a solution to complete the process of registering kyc and Aml so that we manually identify your documents. We invite many of my friends to invest in ETN and have made a long-term investment … thank you …


Same thing again, always the same… “Sorry we do not currently accept documents from Bosna i Hercegovina”. Option that everybody talks about where Yoti should ask me if I want to connect with Electroneum never never showed. I got a confirmation from ETN support that I completed level one but still can not verify level 2 :frowning:


I’m from Iran and I have this problem too.


Hi @Rachel do you have any update regarding KYC for Indian investors


Hello im from Bosnia and still i cant verify my yoti and deadline is over in couple of days what should we do?