Unable to add address on Yoti


Hello… I am a fan of electroneum in Iran, unfortunately, the Yoti app not support the Iranian users, we ask you to use a solution to complete the process of registering kyc and Aml so that we manually identify your documents. We invite many of my friends to invest in ETN and have made a long-term investment … thank you …


Same thing again, always the same… “Sorry we do not currently accept documents from Bosna i Hercegovina”. Option that everybody talks about where Yoti should ask me if I want to connect with Electroneum never never showed. I got a confirmation from ETN support that I completed level one but still can not verify level 2 :frowning:


I’m from Iran and I have this problem too.


Hi @Rachel do you have any update regarding KYC for Indian investors


Hello im from Bosnia and still i cant verify my yoti and deadline is over in couple of days what should we do?


dear ETN team
hi, i’m from iran and i have this problem too


I am from India and i can not complete my level 2 and 3 KYC from YOTI App due to address not accept. kindly suggest me how can i complete my level 2 and 3 KYC.

Anwar Moazam
mail id : anwar.palimarwar@gmail.com


Dear Rachel @Rachel

KYC is coming on 27th Dec and we are still do not know how we can pass tier 2 by Yoti!
I am from Iran!


Well, it looks like they just gave up. They want KYC, but don’t provide a means to do it (for a large number of users not residing in western Europe). Only 3 days left, and not a word on a new ways to complete level 2/level 3. Angry customers will only bring bad publicity, but, obviously, they don’t care.


Please be patient people.
I am sure the team will address your issues shortly.
I cannot forsee that they will leave anyone out!
Everyone here is valued.
We do care.


hi.Im from iran and I can’t do kyc in yoto.


Dear Rachel @Rachel and ETN team,

I am from Iran and I cannot add my passport into Yoti App, so I cannot make a basic account on it and consequently cannot pass the tier 2 and 3 of KYC.
as KYC is coming in next 3 days, please introduce a way to meet this problem.


I understand patriotism and i support it but if your partner can not provide your customers what they need, then you should go outside Great Britain and look for another digital identity provider, not Yoti as they don’t care about people who are not in their list and do not consider to add them.
Really, really bad and dissapointing from ETN :disappointed:


iam from india , iam not able add address in yoti


there is no manual option for Indians. please advise


Hello all ,
Please be patient and a team member will soon address your issues.
I am not administration but I am sure they are working hard on a solution for everyone.


Patience, really? The deadline is tomorrow, and even if they somehow manage to find a way for everyone to pass KYC in the next few hours, lots of people would not be able to do it in a timely manner. And besides all that, ETN stuff haven’t replied to any of these inquiries for 22 days. That does not look like concern about their customers and investors.


Hi, I am from Turkmenistan, Yoti is not serving in my country. How to activate level 2 without Yoti App.


I am from India and I am facing issues in adding address on Yoti app…My passport is already updated

Level 2 verification


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Hello Team,
I want to complete tier 2 but whenever i scan QR Code from YOTI to Electroneum account. YOTI tells me to complete address detail in by scanning passport. The issue is same even after scanning the passport. I am from India. Please solve the issue as soon as possible.

Rahul Gupta