Unable to add address on Yoti


What was their response when you contacted support? Keep me updated with their response and I will work with you from there @Corps


Hello etn
I have a problem, i’m from egypt and i bought etn 1 year ago…
I currently have 14k etn
I’ve completed the step 1 verification… But when i goes to step to and trying to verify my identity through yuti they asks me to upload a passport only… They don’t support anything else on my country. i don’t have a passport right now and it’s too difficult to make a one in my country and it takes alot of time! I have my driving license, my governmental id and my collage id and i contacted them to verify my identity through one of them but they said that it’s not supported and they asked me to contact etn support to solve my identity and verify it manually! Can you help me please i can verify it through selfie photos, videos, driving license, governmental id, collage id!
Hope you help me with this!
I sent a ticket before replying this comment and you asked me to reply here! I’m from egypt which is not listed above


I’m not able to verify my account on Yoti, because you do not support Bosnia and Herzegovina, I would like to send you my passport so you can verify level 2 of my account.

Thank you in advance.


Have you contacted Electroneum support asking for basic Yoti?


I private messaged you I will try to walk you through it. Thank you for your patience


After 2 days etn support hasn’t answered my email for basic yoti.


They are working on the issue and will get back to you. Keep me updated please. They may be working on a better solution. Thank you for your patience!


i m from india and i cannot add my address till yet and please tell me how can i complete my kyc if yoti is not available in india tell me another way of doing it .


hello please tell me another way of complete the kyc actualy i m from india and i cannot add my address so please solve my problem or my indians brothers and sisters as soon as possible


They are working on a solution thank you for your patience. I messaged you. @7364d79a8fdd6e3215e9 to try to further assist as much as I can.


I’ve contacted the etn support and they told me to comment on this topic…


Did you ask if you could be put on basic Yoti? They are working on solutions thank you for your patience


I’ve contacted yuti and they asked me to contact etn support because they can’t help me…
Then i contacted etn supoort via a ticket and they told me to make a comment on this thread…there are screenshots for the tickets replies i sent, so what should i do right now?




They are working on a solution thank you for your patience. As of now you will need to wait for a alternative method. They are working on a way to resolve this issue


What shoul I do next?


Do you currently have a Yoti account @Corps If so delete account.

Next go to your Electroneum account page. Can you fill out any information or an option to send in documents(id or passport) if so fill out all available info.

Now click on Yoti QR code WITHIN Electroneum page. It will ask to link with Yoti. After linking fill out basic Yoti(face and speech identification,password)

After doing this now go back to Electroneum page and send your id documents on your Electroneum page.

Thank you for your patience keep me updated


Any update on progress @Corps ?



My name is Sanel Klapuh, CEO and founder of SLT token.

I bought ETN in pre ICO phase and want to hold them. I have a big problem with verification.

I cannot verify my account because Yoti is not supporting my country Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Next problem is that nobody wants to help me. All support members are only sending me tha forum links and they are only complicating things instead solving my problem.

Seems nobody cares and nobody is responsible for this. People that are working on Support are only sending copy/paste answers and links that are directing me on forum. If that is all you do than you really have a boring and hard work.

My question for ETN admins and owner.

Do you have some solution and answer for members whose countries are not supported by Yoti?

When we were buying ETN, we didn’t buy it from Yoti but on Electroneum website.

This is nonses and crazy that I need 20 days to read all the forum announcements, to go on and on in a circle like a clown and that in the end my problem is not solved and nobody wants to help.

I wrotte to ETN support they told me to writte on Yoti support, then again I contacted ETN , they sent me to contact Yoti…

Who is crazy here, wondering?!?