Unable to add address on Yoti


Yes, I pretty much completed every available yoti verification step, prior to being able to use my documents. I did that long time ago, so I was ready when the update that allowed us to use our documents was released. So, do your yoti stuff, verify your voice, your selfie, and all that stuff before being able to scan the QR code from your ETN account to link with the ETN ltd, which will unlock options to upload your document to the ETN team for the verification.


Same as before… Need to create yoti account, which I have done. Account with picture, voice verification, email add… but whenever I create my name or address, a passport or driving license is stiil required, which I dont have at the moment…


I do not believe you need to complete any further in that section in yoti. It sounds to me like you are level 1 if you have made your account with picture voice and email verification. Now go back to your Electroneum account and scan QR code to link with Yoti. Update me with what happens @Corps


I scanned the yoti qr found in my.electroneum setting and this was the result…


Then I clicjed the “Full name”. This was the result…


Then I clicked the full neme again… this was the result…


Do you have the latest release of yoti app? They updated recently


Yes, I have already updated my yoti app.

  1. I’m already level 1 authorized, which I done myself through ETN Site.
  2. I’m already aware that level 2, and level 3 to be done through ETN site as well, but needs QR code scan from Yoti app, and in order to do that, Yoti is asking from complete ID verification, under which my passport is my only option. This is where the problem is happening as they are unable to identify and told me to refer to ETN for assistance.



Did you mean we can be verified without yoti also
If so
I need your help in that case


Can you explain how you acquired level 1 verification using the Electroneum page. I will try to figure out solution for Yoti but you may need to wait for another update to be able to complete level 2 and 3. As for now only level 1 is required so if you could explain how you completed this on Electroneum website for others to see that would be great


To get around needing to uploade ID on Yoti I believe you must use basic Yoti

Are you using basic yoti? Have you done the following below? I believe these are the steps you must take to be able to add documents through Electroneum account.
@Corps @davorf @Mamoon101 Yoti won’t allow me to upload my ID*

You need to contact support (support.electroneum.com ) to make sure you can do a basic Yoti. You will need to fill out some basic information on Yoti (after scanning the QR code on my.electroneum), and then upload your ID onto https://my.electroneum.com


Levels 2 and 3 verification are done through Electroneum page after linking with Yoti. Yoti only needs level 1 verification



Well, I was never asked to link with Electroneum. When I scan QR code, I’m sent back to Yoti, which than asks me to upload documents (which are not supported for my country).

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Are you using basic Yoti?


What is basic Yoti? I’ve registered and uploaded selfie and video with random words, if that’s what you mean by basic.

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What country are you from? If unable to submit your ID you must contact Electroneum support to be added to basic Yoti. You than send documents to Electroneum page than from there link QR code to Yoti. You may need to uninstall Yoti app. Complete Electroneum account settings first.




Thank you for all the information, I’ll contact electroneum support. I’ve already completed all I could on the ETN web wallet.

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Great keep me updated


How to do basic yoti?