Unable to add address on Yoti


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Hi, i`m from IRAN . I have more 120K ETN in cryptopia. I cant register for KYC. I need use the wallet to save it.

// IRAN //


Almost most of comments with no solution are from Iran, I suggest ETN team accept to receive Iranian documents who are ready to do KYC by manually (through email or ticket)!


Thanks I was able to move on to level 2 KYC.


what about Indians ? we are unable to add address . i am afraid about my etn balance. please help us


We from Bosnia still cannot add our address.


I am from Iran and have same problem, in fact, cannot add my address and ID passport to Yoti as well.


I am fram iran ,yoti does not accepet my passport ??why??please solve problem


Just iran,solve problem


He means solve the problem for Iran plz.@Rachel

جمله ت مبهمه اصلاحش کردم


Hi i am iranian , and i verified KYC in many of exchanges and wallets . But about Yoti I can’t. why ? help me please.


I am from IR and there is no option to add address in yoti.


Yes , i am from india , and i dont have passport , please tell me the alternate option that i can provide as a legal document for level 2 kyc instead of passport


I’m from India, and I can not add my address manually.
Yoti even does not accept my passport.


Please stop commenting the same kind of thing. We are working on this.


We are working on this issue.


We are aware of this, which is why you are on the list at the top.


I am from India, I anable to add address


Im from India and Im unable to update my address.


I’m from Iran, and I can not add my address manually.
Yoti even does not accept my passport