Unable to add address on Yoti


Your country can manually add an address.


Guam is part of Micronesia, which can manually add an address.


I can’t add Iran .please accept we country /thank


This is just for people unable to complete Yoti.


We can provided YOTI APP accepts and approve the uploading of PASSPORT OR DRIVING LICENSE. Without these documents, WE CANNOT MAJUALLY ADD OUR ADDRESS.101% sure.



@Rachel… and how is it done? where is that option he talks about?


I have at my mobile wallet only about 5000 coins so i need only lvl 1… but have over 100K at offline wallet than what to do if you couldnt offer fast and easy sollution for all…
This need to be adressed and improved… make branstorming and find a way for IRAN, INDIA, the whole AFRICA and all people who havent passport…
creating the ticket is not userfriendly
Now just imagine if in January we have price 10 cent and i want to withraw my coins from offline 100 000 etn * 0.10 usd= 10 000 usd I need minimal lvl 2 for sure… but like i say we need to find another company which support driver license and ID card from more countries than YOTI…


This is not the topic to be discussing this. This is just for people to comment if they are having this issue.


Plz tell me your telegram id for etn followers group coz I wanna join the group.


@Mr.CryptoCZ I totally agree, we need a solution, I have to reach level 3, and I can not go beyond 2


@Rachel all very nice, but how is it done? If yoti does not accept your identity document, you can not have an ID, so how do we load an address manually?


You are only required to do tier 1.


I have level 1, I can not continue, if I scan the qt code of my user console with the yoti app it asks for an address, then it asks for my country Paraguay “Passport” and I do not have it.

Then tell me how to continue, if they do not accept other personal documents from my country.


You do not need to do any more tiers on KYC.


i am from india and cannot verify ID address ,raise ticket and they had directed me to this link,kindly help


if I exceed the requirements of level 2, because it tells me that it is not necessary to complete?


I am from india and there is no option to add address in yoti.


i am from india…i also couldnt add address on the yoti app.how could i add the address and complete KYC???


We are that people too