Unable to add address on Yoti


I am from Brazil and I do not have a passport, how do I complete my registration? I need my ETN in my wallet.
Thank you!


It seems you don’t need yoti anymore. Since they launched KYC today, as you enter into mobile app it offers you options for the verification. You can use your phone camera to capture your documents and upload them via app, and wait for the verification. It doesn’t require steps like yoti did, like talking into your front camera to verify your identity.


Good News:
Whenever you enter to my.electroneum, there are some options to add ID documents
I’ve done it and waiting for accepting my tier 2!!!
Thanks to the ETN team


I do not have the option to send documents to my account!


I do not have the option to send documents to my account


Where? in my account there is not option


I am from the united states my mailing and physical address are different which is preventing me from reaching level 2 and I need to be at level 3…i invested in the ico and have been a holder and miner since.


I have
As a matter of fact, after 27 Dec whenever you enter into the wallet, you directly go to these options!


Please show me where I have option!

The only one I have and register for YOTI, but I only accept the passport here in Brazil, I do not have a passport … everyone says they have a choice, so show them clearly


I will take a screenshot as far as I have access to my wallet.


I am from Kosovo and I can’t add any documents to Yoti!


I’m from SUDAN, and I can not add my address manually.
Yoti even does not accept my passport.


Good News:
I have passed tier 2 of KYC without Yoti application, only by ETN team solution from my wallet and upload some documents in a simple way.

Thanks to Electroneum Support team, @Rachel

P.S: I am from Iran and Yoti didn’t accept my passport.


Good News:

I have passed tier 2 of KYC by solution of ETN team from my wallet and without Yoti app!

Thanks to the ETN team, @Rachel


@Rachel can you help me with verification of tier 2 , yoti isn’t accepting my ID and passport ?



please help me i was told by you in my support ticket to post here.
my mailing address is different than my physical address there for i can no unlock level 2 kyc?
what do i need to do
thank you


i need helo with level 2 please my mailing address is different from my physicall address. please let me know what you need from me thank you


Firstly, i would raise a ticket with support and speak to them about what options there are for changing address on your account to the correct one.


i have raised 2 support tickets they both said to post in this forum…its starting to become very frustrating my mobil wallet has been locked since dec 27th


KYC tickets are indeed directed here.

As i said, raise a ticket to see if you can change address first.