Unable to add address on Yoti


We are aware of this, which is why you are on the list at the top.


I am from India, I anable to add address


Im from India and Im unable to update my address.


I’m from Iran, and I can not add my address manually.
Yoti even does not accept my passport


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Yoti just updated, and I’m seeing additional options. After scanning that QR code from my ETN account, yoti asked me am I accepting linking with the electroneum, and I got level 2 verification options within my ETN acc in my web browser. Now I’m waiting for them to validate the documents I sent for lvl2.

Edit: Woo, done. Already accepted my payment paper for the lvl3. Now I’m fully verified.

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I am from India
Feeling same problem


I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and have a same problem.


I’m glad you did it, I still have a problem. May I ask where are you from?


From Bosnia, like yourself.


I couldn’t find this option in Yoti!


Yeah, I tried to replicate the stuff by using my mother’s phone/wallet. But its getting hard since I have to record her speaking english in yoti and get approved… Maybe I’ll manage it later, but either way I completed all the tasks yoti asked of me previously for myself, but the stepping stone was the ID, which was unsupported till recently. After the update I managed to link with the etn ltd by scanning the QR code, and got the option to verify my ID over web browser, in the account settings. I believe you guys have to do all the stuff yoti asks to provide, before being able to use your ID finally.


I am having problem updating my address


Hello…I am a fan of electroneum in Iran, unfortunately, the Yoti app not support the Iranian users, we ask you to use a solution to complete the process of registering kyc and Aml so that we manually identify your documents. We invite many of my friends to invest in ETN and have made a long-term investment … thank you …


Dear Rachel

Is there any update for Iran acceptance by Yoti or other solutions from your side to approve our ID documents?
Recent days, the latest update of Yoti has released in App store but there is no change for our country status!


My name is Mamoon Ali, an ETN Customer. I’m trying to go through the second phase of the KYC, but unfortunately, Yoti is not accepting my ID identification (Passport), and I don’t have any other option to go through with. I’m from Jordan and resident in the country of Kuwait.

I contacted Yoti about the issue, and after checking they said they don’t accept Jordanian passports (for the time being, and I don’t know exactly why), but they said to refer to ETN support to help me pass through the KYC process manually.


I am from India and unable to update my KYC to level 2 & 3


Level 2 and 3 verification is done through Electroneum. Go to
Sign in go to your settings you will see a verification tab. Follow instructions for level 2 and 3 verification from there.

Again level 2 and 3 verification is done directly through Electroneum.

Go to your settings after you login to
You should be able to find the verification tab from there. Let me know if you have additional issues.




When I go to my.electroneum.com and than to settings, there is only Activate via Yoti button. No other way to send documents directly to Electroneum. I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Have you finished level 1 kyc verification from yoti?