Unable to add address on Yoti

What is basic Yoti? I’ve registered and uploaded selfie and video with random words, if that’s what you mean by basic.

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What country are you from? If unable to submit your ID you must contact Electroneum support to be added to basic Yoti. You than send documents to Electroneum page than from there link QR code to Yoti. You may need to uninstall Yoti app. Complete Electroneum account settings first.



Thank you for all the information, I’ll contact electroneum support. I’ve already completed all I could on the ETN web wallet.

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Great keep me updated

How to do basic yoti?

@Corps follow these steps
Yoti won’t allow me to upload my ID

You need to contact support (support.electroneum.com ) to make sure you can do a basic Yoti. You will need to fill out some basic information on Yoti (after scanning the QR code on my.electroneum), and then upload your ID onto https://my.electroneum.com .

You must first contact support to get basic Yoti. Than after scan QR code and set up your Yoti account. You may need to delete Yoti account because you will need to be set up through basic yoti so you can continue. If you use current Yoti account you may not be able to do this because you must first complete through Electroneum.
More information in the top of this thread posted below

Keep me updated after doing this

I think yoti won’t allow me to upload my ID because it is not a passport or driving license.

Correct @Corps so you need to delete that yoti account. Contact support to get basic Yoti.Than you will be able to do Yoti after scanned by Electroneum page. You can’t set up Yoti first. Contact support asking for basic Yoti. delete your old yoti account and start over on Electroneum page first.Than scan qr code once you have basic Yoti. Than you should be able to complete Yoti to link with Electroneum. than go to Electroneum settings page to upload documents for level 2 and 3. Level 2 and 3 are done from Electroneum page. What country are you in?

Keep me updated after doing this.

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Should i contact yoti for basic yoti or contact electroneum?

You need to contact
@Kurd.girl You need to complete from Electroneum page before making a Yoti account. Do not make Yoti account before being added to basic Yoti and do not scan QR code with a Yoti account already made.

You need to first Contact
Be added to basic Yoti if needed
Complete what’s needed in Electroneum page. Than scan QR code to link Electroneum with Yoti.
From there you will set up your basic Yoti. After completing you can than complete level 2 and 3 from Electroneum page

I had done level 1 through my.electroneum 2 month ago,
Then made yoti account, but it didn’t accept my iranian passport.
Can i change to basic yoti now?

You will need to contact support and ask them that exact question.

I believe you need to contact support for basic Yoti . than go to your Electroneum page scan QR code and make a new Yoti using basic yoti and link to Electroneum account. Than after creating basic Yoti.( facial identification , voice, password). Go back to your Electroneum account and you should be able to send your ID documents directly to Electroneum on Electroneum page.

First contact support asking if you need basic Yoti and explain to them what you explained to me. Keep me updated thank you.


Thank you, your help was more useful than etn admins.

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Ok… I should do the following:

  1. Delete my current Yoti account
  2. Contact support.electroneum.com to get “Basic Yoti”
  3. After number 2, what will I do? How will I know that Im on Basic Yoti?
  4. If Im now on Basic Yoti, what should I do? Should I create now Yoti account?
  5. Whats next?

Thanks for the guidance.

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Many thanks dear PrestoCrypto, but I have done all these steps and the problem hasn’t solved yet!
Yoti cannot add my ID document (Iranian passport) and I am still getting stuck in verification of level 2 and 3!

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Did you get basic yoti?

Yes, but when I created a ticket to the support @Rach says that I should go to this thread and comment. Could someone please tell me how to get basic Yoti and what is considered as “Basic”? Whatever I do and no matter on where I am in Yoti, when I scan the QR it is asking my for my ID…

You should receive a response after contacting support. Let me know what they say exactly.
If you’re able to get basic Yoti you need to first scan QR code from Electroneum page to link Yoti and Electroneum account than proceed to set up basic Yoti account. Your Id will be sent through Electroneum account not yoti app.
First contact support asking for basic Yoti and let me know exactly what they say.

Are you using basic Yoti? With basic Yoti you won’t need to send id to yoti you will send through Electroneum account. Have you contacted support and are you using basic Yoti?
Thank you for your patience

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