Ultimate All Time High!


Ultimately, where do you think Electroneum will end up? $.02? $1? $3? 10? More?


Think? Impossible to tell…

Hope? $198,349 a share…:muscle::ok_hand:


Whaaaaat?! Thats unreal! Haha. I look at XRP and see they have many more coins and their all time high was $3+. ETN is more user friendly. I would think in the next bull market $2.50 is possible.


if all the registered users will become active i.e.
they are buying and selling regularly then the price of etn = active_users/1 million. so when the number of active users reaches 1 million the price of etn will be $1. When 7 billion people will use etn actively the price will be $7000. just my guess:) of course fomo can make big fluctuations in the price temporarily.

right now there are many non active users i.e. the registered users so the price formula now is:
nr_of_mobile_miners * nr_of_mobile_miners / registered_users / 1 million.
this gives now 128k * 128k / 2.6mill / 1 mill = 0.0063


Impossible to say what the ultimate high will be be I’m pretty confident this time next year 1 ETN will be worth close to 1 english pound.


I feel 1 billion users will equal $100 price range. Now as for time frame we maybe 10-15 years before we see 1 billion users.


If etn got the same volume as ripple , etn could reach $15


It’s matter of feeling, but electroneum is electron - eum and an electron deserving dollars feels a bit odd for me :slight_smile: But I always waiting for it happening :smile:


Im new here. You are famous around these parts…A thing of legend almost. Haha. I’m curious why? It seemed you lead some ETN crusades. Haha


He is the man!! Just my opinion :slight_smile:


I have always been good at price productions. ETN is definitely a prosperous ALT and will exceed past other cryptos. I see Electroneum rising past $0.03 within 3months. There are alot of great upcoming events on the road map. 1 especially being IOS mobile miner for the Apple store. Once testing is successful that will bring in multiple millions of users to the Mobile Miner. Giving access to sooooo many more users.


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